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Already a Logan Square institution, Billy Sunday serves up an impressive mix of classic cocktails, adventurous new creations and a large library of vintage spirts, all paired with a surprisingly robust food menu.

Billy Sunday’s award-winning bar has been a perennial favorite of critics and locals alike since opening in 2013.

“Billy draws rave reviews from Logan Square neighbours and lures guests from outside the ‘hood with its impeccably-executed cocktails. They have created a list of intriguing but not off-putting concoctions, with a tight food menu that’s no afterthought. Scotch drinkers must ask for the back bar’s bottle list, if only to drool over some of the rare offerings Bachman has assembled.”
— The Guardian

While we have been featured in many books and magazine articles for our collection of vintage spirits, including James Beard award winning author Brad Thomas Parsons’ seminal book on Amaro, we are most proud of our stirred and mixed cocktails.

“Billy Sunday charts new territory with its exotically sweet creations, which include such ingredients as quince, grenadine, and ambergris-laced palm sugar—and each of the 10 delicious cocktails on the menu uses a different spirit. Chef Matthias Merges adds some adventurous grub, including pig ears and a decadent chicken liver spread. Tasty homemade tonics round out the program. (For drinkers who prefer less pompous potables, the bar also offers rare amari and Scotch whiskies; ask for the menu.)”
— Chicago Magazine

Our cocktail menu is a mix of approachable old favorites (with a twist) and our own crazy creations. We pride ourselves on making virtually everything in-house, from our syrups and tonics, to our bitters. Even our ice is hand-carved in our bar from large blocks used by ice carvers.

Our food menu features a large selection of local veggies from our own urban farm, Planted, delicious breads and local meats. Our menu changes often to feature seasonal food and is perfect for both a cocktail and a snack or for dinner.

If it’s not snowing, our patio is out and we’re serving up delicious cocktails. If there’s a better patio for people watching Logan Square on farmer’s market days, we haven’t seen it.

We’d be happy to host your party. We’ve done it before and we’re super good at it!


FOLKART MANAGEMENT is a craft-driven hospitality group led by Chef Matthias Merges, focused on operational excellence, state of the art design and a deep-seated commitment to locally sourced ingredients.

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