Our Services

As a fully-integrated food & beverage company, Folkart offers a wide array of services. We’ve done everything from owning and managing our own restaurants and taverns, to consulting on food and beverage menus for large transit companies and managing properties in Las Vegas and at Wrigley Field.

Our in-house team provides full life-cycle expertise, including the design and building of restaurants and taverns, FoH and BoH operational management, back office financial and HR management and crisis consulting.

Over the past 6 years, we have successfully raised capital to open our own restaurants and taverns. We’ve also partnered with existing ownership in joint ventures and believe that partnerships with good people turn good projects into great projects.

We provide a wide selection of consulting services, including:

• Pre-lease feasibility consulting;
• Menu consulting for both food & beverage services;
• Home bar consulting for substantial home collections;
• Operational consulting for new restaurants;
• Operations consulting for existing restaurants; and
• Crisis consulting for troubled restaurants.

We have provided, and still provide, management services to owners seeking to create high quality, unique food and beverage experiences for their guests.

You Tell Us
We live by the principle that if we’re working with good people, we’ll consider almost any proposal. Crazy ideas welcome.


FOLKART MANAGEMENT is a craft-driven hospitality group led by Chef Matthias Merges, focused on operational excellence, state of the art design and a deep-seated commitment to locally sourced ingredients.

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